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  • CTL 000 Linking to a library resource search from your Blackboard site

    This tutorial shows you how to do a meta-search of library resources (including books, articles, government documents and more) and add a link to the search results to a Blackboard site.  Use this to provide your students with a list of resources to browse on their own.

    Tags: CMS blackboard search summon links articles
  • CTL 000 Embedding an RSS feed in your Blackboard site

    Sometimes the best way to point students to the information you want them to use is to pull it into your Blackboard site from around the web. 

    With a tool like Google Reader, you can do this with any site that offers an RSS feed for you to use. This tutorial shows you how to do this using the feed generated by a library search tool, but you can use the same technique to embed feeds from blogs, from newspapers, from academic journals, and from an (almost) countless host of other types of resources.

    Tags: RSS blackboard CMS summon search results

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