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  • ENG 200 Creating a bibliography from a Zotero Library

    Here is a quick tutorial showing you how to create a bibliography from a Zotero library.  Use this method if you want to create a bibliography of some or all of the items in a library.

    You would not use this method if you are generating citations as you write - this will create a standalone bibliography of resources.

  • ENG 200 Homework #4: Source Types

    The first step in evaluating a source is knowing something about the type of source you're evaluating.  It makes no sense to evaluate something against standards that it is not trying to meet.  In this tutorial, we will look at two important source types in literary studies to understand the standards they are trying to meet.

  • ENG 200 Zotero: Building a Collaborative, Annotated Bibliography

    In this tutorial you will learn how to add items to a group library in Zotero.

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