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  • WR Finding a Book in the Valley Library

    This tutorial is designed to walk you through the process of searching for a book, and finding it in the Valley Library collections.

    This tutorial is informational only.  It has no quizzes.

  • WR 121 Before You Come to the Library

    To get the most out of your WR121 library visit, this tutorial will help you distinguish between the different source types you will encounter in college-level research.  This tutorial also introduces how to use keywords to find sources for your research.

  • WR 121 Exploring Your Topic

    In college-level research,it is important to gather information before selecting a topic, or narrowing to a thesis.  This tutorial introduces several tools you can use to explore your topic, and shows why exploration is important in an academic research process.

  • WR 222 Getting a Book from the OSU Libraries

    Use this tutorial for a quick how-to on finding, requesting (if necessary) and borrowing books from the OSU Libraries.

  • WR 222 How to Limit to Scholarly Articles in EbscoHost Databases

    By checking a couple of boxes on a search form, you can improve your odds of finding the sources  that will work for an assignment requiring "peer-reviewed" or "scholarly" articles.  This tutorial shows you how.

    This trick won't guarantee that you find scholarly articles, but it will improve your odds by filtering out a lot of sources that are clearly not scholarly.

  • WR 222 How to get your book source

    We spend a lot of time talking about how to find articles and journals in the library, but that doesn't mean we're not a great place to find books!

    Here's how.

  • WR 222 How to use Google Scholar without Paying for the Articles

    Google Scholar is a great place to scan across a lot of sources at once, but if it doesn't know that you have rights to access online articles and other sources from a library, it might send you to a page like this - which asks you to pay for the article you want:

    paywall blocked article found using Google Scholar

    The journal in this example is in the OSU Libraries' collection, and OSU students, staff and faculty have the right to access it (and articles in lots of other journals) from any computer with an Internet connection.  With a few adjustments to your preferences, you can tell Google Scholar to point you to the resources that the library provides for the OSU community.

  • WR 327 Quoting, Paraphrasing & Summarizing

    This tutorial will help you learn the difference between quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing and when you should use these different techniques in your writing.

  • WR 327 Tutorial: Keywords

    In this tutorial you will learn about how keyword searching works, and some things to consider during your search process.

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