WR 121 Exploring Your Topic

Choosing a Topic

Browsing Scholarly Conversations

Today, anyone with access to the Internet can publish their thoughts on any topic - millions of people use blogs, twitter and other dynamic platforms to do just that.  Scholars are no different. These discussions are less formal than the "conversations" that take place in scholarly journal articles. For those of us who aren't experts ourselves, browsing these informal conversations can be a great way to find out what kinds of topics are controversial or popular in the scholarly literature.

Each of the portals below is searchable and browsable.  Many of the posts you will find also include links to (published) scholarly books and journal articles.  (All links open in a new window).

Research Blogging (http://researchblogging.org)

ScienceBlogs (http://scienceblogs.com)

Scientopia (http://scientopia.com/blogs)

Nature.com blogs (http://blogs.nature.com/)