Library Tutorial: Summit

About this tutorial

So what if the book you want is missing, damaged or already on loan to someone? Or what if you want something that OSU Libraries does not own at all?

You have an easy option. It takes a little advanced planning (3-4) days but you can have books delivered to OSU from any of 36 academic libraries in the Pacific Northwest. It's called Summit.

Summit is the catalog for a consortium of Oregon and Washington Libraries that share resources with each other. If you request a book from a Summit library, it will usually be here within 3-4 working days. This tutorial will guide you through the steps to get a book from Summit and what to do if the book you want is not in Summit.

What to expect

  1. Summit

    • What is Summit?
    • What is Orbis-Cascade?
    • Who are the members?


  2. Where to get more help

    Where to get more help and related tutorials and guides.

Last Update: June 01, 2011 14:48

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