Library Tutorial: Choosing a database

About this tutorial

If you need to find articles on a topic, a database is a good place to start. The library has hundreds of databases. How do you know where to start?


What to expect

  1. What is a database?

    What are databases and how do you use them effectively to find articles and other materials?

  2. Why use a database?

    Why is a database a useful research tool? In this unit, you will learn how using a database can help make your research easier.

  3. General databases

    General databases are databases that help you find articles from magazines, newspapers, and journals on a variety of topics. This unit introduces you to some of our general databases.

  4. Subject databases

    This unit introduces you to the subject databases. Subject databases are a good place to find scholarly materials written for people in the profession. 

  5. Where to get more help

    Where to get more help and related tutorials and guides.

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