ALS 199 Citations 101

About this tutorial

When you have completed this tutorial you will be able to:

  • Identify some standard citation styles.
  • Use citation tools in library research databases to stay organized and cite accurately.
  • Identify the bibliographic information you need to cite academic sources accurately.
  • Seek out additional help when you need it.



What to expect

  1. Citations 101: Citation Styles

    In this unit, you will start to learn about how and why scholars cite their sources, and you will learn about some standard citation styles.

  2. Citations 101: Citation Tools

    In this unit you will learn to use a variety of online tools to manage your citations effectively.

  3. Citations 101: Break it Down

    In this unit, you will learn to identify the parts of a citation.  You will think about how to stay organized and to capture the information you need from your sources.

  4. Citations 101: Getting Help

    In this unit, you will find out about some options for getting more help.

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