WR 121 Tutorial 5: Using One Good Source to Find More

Quiz Warning This tutorial has 2 units and 1 quiz.
Make sure you complete all the quiz questions. Remember, you can only take the graded quizzes once.

About this tutorial

This tutorial will help you troubleshoot and refine your searches. It will help you take one good source and turn it into more.

What to expect

  1. Unit 1: Known-Item Searching

    This part of the tutorial shows you how to track down a specific source. It shows you how to access the resources provided by the OSU Libraries, so you don't end up paying for information sources you have the right to access as an OSU student.

    Quiz:  Known Items (12 points)

  2. Unit 2: Turn One Source into More

    Using the access points from one source, you can find more good sources on your topic.

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